Water supply and sewer technologies Polypropylene manholes and inspection chambers


Pipes alone are not sufficient to ensure a safe sewer system. Manholes serve as important ventilation, inspection and maintenance access points.

- we offer a wide range of manholes and sewer systems

- due to their well thought-through structures and material selection the very expensive and complex repairs of the manholes can be avoided

- the combination of very durable elements result in a long life and high performance of the sewer system

- manholes in the nominal dimensions 1000 / 800 / 600 / 400 / 315 mm enable the construction of a sewer system of choice

- a wide range of maintenance holes and inspection chambers ensure safe and easy access

Beneficial properties:

- easy to transport and to install

- material polypropylene

- outfitted with steps

- high durability

- rubber ring coupling for maximum leak-tightness

- pipe to manhole connectors with rubber-ring coupling and PP cone