Rainwater management and drainage systems Drain pipes

Flexible corrugated drain pipe of PVC-U according to DIN EN 9989

Suitable for water table management in the fields of agriculture, horticulture and landscaping, as well as draining of excess rainwater from construction sites

- flexible drain pipe

- corrugated surface inside and outside

- yellow colour, material PVC-U (DIN 1187)

- perforated, non-perforated, or covered with geotextile

- coils of 25m and 50m length, 1 meter marking, with double sleeve

- drainage holes in the recessed wall portions

- outer diameter is corresponding to the nominal diameter

Perforated for the fast draining of excess table water in the fields of agriculture, horticulture, and construction, suitable for subsoil drainage

Non-perforated suitable for the transport of water in the fields of horticulture and landscaping, or applicable as a protection pipe of underground cabling

Covered with geotextile (PVC pipe wrapped in fine-mesh geotextile, filter cover fixed with a thread) for all types of coarse and fine grained soils

Beneficial properties:

- easy installation and handling due to their lightweight

- can easily be cut to size

- no special equipment is needed at the installation site

- highly flexible